TTC bendy trains

I am a transit geek. I just returned from a trip to Toronto to visit my elderly mother. While there, I used the subway. The city’s transit agency, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is in the process of replacing it’s rolling stock with new open continuous access trains (officially called the “Toronto Rocket”, (making the slang the official train model name) from Bombardier. What this means is that the train cars are connected in such a way that the interior of the train is continuously open from one end to the other (an open gangway). As a passenger, you don’t have to worry about positioning yourself on the platform for where you want to be when you leave the train. You get on the train and <drumroll> walk down the train to where you want to exit. Simple.

It’s only taken 170 years of train technology to get to this. It also lends itself to some impressive visual effects. Here’s a short clip that my husband shot of the train going around a curve.

Now, who’s going to shoot that in a movie?


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