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Walking, running & cycling in Birmingham

So, you’ve just arrived in the city and you’re a regular walker, runner or a cyclist? Awesome! Here’s a few things to get you oriented. Places to walk, run or ride: As an industrial city that matured in the 1920s, and that then experienced white flight to the suburbs in the seventies and eighties, this region is built for people who have… Read more →

Group of people standing in a forested area, in front of an old mining installation.

Hiking and outdoor recreation

Compared to other places I’ve lived, the Birmingham metro area is a bit…. light on hiking and recreation trails. And they aren’t linked. (Gee, you’d think that there wasn’t much regional cooperation – or something.) Now, just to assure you that I’m not whining without context, here’s where I’ve lived, with the accessible trail systems: Toronto, Ontario – and the Toronto… Read more →